Bagradas : PPC Pay Per Click and Internet Advertising in Dubai UAE

PPC & Internet Advertizing


What is PPC ?

In Internet Marketing, we have the habit to name PPC the most of Internet Advertising models because it is the most used. PPC can be PPC Campaign (like in Facebook) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for Search Engines, PPM (Pay Per Impression)…

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the hosting service when the ad is clicked.

PPC can be used for Conversion or for Branding.

What we do for you in PPC ?

0-       Project Study : To choose the right way to do your PPC Campaign, we start by studding well your project, your goals(Branding or Conversion), your target(Geographic, Demographic…), your budget…

If it is SEM Campaign (Search Engine Marketing Campaign) : (Google, Yahoo, Bing…)

1-      Campaign setup

2-      Keyword research & expert level bid management

3-      Negative keyword research to filter unwanted traffic

4-      Keyword match typing & optimization

5-      Competitor research & benchmarking

6-      Initial ad copy research and copy writing

7-      Split testing (to test your ad copy for best impact)

8-      Analytics

9-      Landing page development, evaluation, and analysis of traffic

10-   Weekly campaign progress report

11-   Tracking ROI

If it is another PPC Campaign, (e.g. for Facebook : not for Search Engines)

1-      Campaign setup

2-      Geographic target

3-      Demographic target

4-      Analytics

5-      Optimization

6-      Tracking ROI

7-      Campaign Report